Sleep Coaches – Allegiance Group Partnership

Allegiance Group and Sleep Coaches, creator of a proprietary CPAP compliance and resupply outreach platform, announce their new business partnership.

“As a former HME owner, I know the challenges of needing to find ways to increase revenue.  This is why we started Sleep Coaches,” said Mark Boardman, President of Sleep Coaches. “Our team at Sleep Coaches is continually helping our HME clients maximize patient revenue by optimizing their patient’s CPAP compliance and resupply programs.”

“Developing strategic relationships with other businesses that also aim to help maximize revenue potential is important to serving the HME client community,” Boardman added. “Thus, Sleep Coaches is excited to be aligning and working with Allegiance Group.”

“Allegiance Group helps HMEs operate more efficiently and recover more of their patient pay dollars faster. Our goal is to turn every patient into a paying patient. By providing Sleep Coaches’ clients access to the COLLECTPlus payment portal they will be able to process payments automatically. This collaboration allows our providers to increase revenue potential as well as capture patient pay dollars more efficiently and cost effectively,” said Bruce Gehring, SVP, Business Development Manager for Allegiance Group. “As a result of this partnership, patients will stay in their sleep therapy longer. As a result, providers start producing more resupply orders and reducing the turnaround time for payments from patients.”

Sleep Coaches

About Sleep Coaches

Sleep Coaches was created by a management team with more than 20 years of HME and Clinical experience. It has developed a proprietary pap compliance and resupply platform unlike any other in the marketplace that keeps patients longer in their sleep therapy, producing more resupply orders and revenues over the industry’s traditional programs.

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About Allegiance Group

With more than 15 years of proven results, Allegiance Group offers comprehensive patient pay patient billing and debt collection strategies.  Our solutions greatly reduce the amount of time staff spends on billing while increasing your cash recovery and decreasing your costs. Through our signature product, COLLECTPlus, we can help improve your cash flow.  Clients can integrate directly or establish compatibility with any billing system.  We can automate the entire patient pay billing and collection cycle. Starting with an easy-to-read invoice statement, COLLECTPlus can utilize up to 16 billing and collection activities.

Supercharging DME Revenues and Collections

In the midst of the global health crisis, we see new DME orders from referring physicians down approximately 10%. Large portions of the healthcare system closed, and business as we know it changed, perhaps forever. Now, as states reopen and the public health emergency moves to a new stage, suppliers venture out of their pandemic bunkers to survey the damage.

How can you, the suppliers, restore sales and collection rates during this uncertain middle age of COVID-19? Join us on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, at 1:00 PM ET to launch your business into the new normal.

What we will discuss

In this event, Supercharging DME Revenues and Collections in the Face of COVID-19, MiraVista and Allegiance Group compare notes, discuss supplier sales and collection trends since the outbreak, and provide strategies to:

  • Grow new order volume and revenue per order.
  • Boost revenue from existing patients through no-contact compliance encounters, recertification, and resupply.
  • Maximize collection rates to make-up for lost sales during the lockdown.​​
  • Sustain patient collections with no-contact payment methods.

Click here to join us – Tuesday, June 9, at 1:00 PM (ET)

As our guest to Supercharging DME Revenues and Collections in the Face of COVID-19, you will receive a $20 discount on this webinar. To receive your discount, click on the registration link, add the event to your cart and proceed to checkout. At checkout, click the button to “Add a coupon code.” Then type ALLEGIANCEGUEST0609, then click “apply” to see the updated rate. Proceed to checkout to enter registration and payment info.

Attendees will receive a digital recording of the event, and as always, we will host a question and answer segment to ensure participants can apply the learning objectives directly. In conclusion, our goal is not to simply share information, but to help you make sense of the avalanche of change.

Presenters:   Andrea Stark, MiraVista and

                             Bruce Gehring, Allegiance Group