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– Are you struggling trying to collect your private pay balances?

– Do you focus your limited resources on your higher private pay accounts?

– Are some of your client balances not getting the attention they deserve?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, we can help!

Many companies don’t have the time or staff to print and mail the statements, buy stamps, contact clients to collect payments, answer client calls….

Through COLLECTPlus, we can help you by printing and mailing your invoices, checking for bad addresses, processing your payments and making collection calls. With our automated system, you can be assured your monthly statements are going out on time.  In addition, your patients will receive a gentle reminder call about their balance.

As a result, your staff can spend more time focusing on other activities to bring more money to your bottom line.

COLLECTPlus is like having another person beside me, helping me with collections!"

Tami, Billing Manager