How company culture impacts collection results

Today, there is an urgency to improve patient collections. You have thoughtfully created your collection policy and procedures to meet your goals. Now what? The two keys to success that cannot be found in a written policy are your staff and your company culture. Learn how your culture impacts collection results.

Assume you have the best employees. Culture can be the X-Factor that accelerates collections. Culture is the beliefs, assumptions and attitudes that guide what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not. When you hear, “That’s how we we’ve always done it,” that’s your culture talking. When you create a culture that supports your policy and procedures, you will optimize staff efficiency and recovery results.

Here are five best practices to help introduce your new culture:


When completed, employees should be able to explain, “My job is to do X and here’s how I do it.”  This helps demonstrate how individual daily actions help achieve the company’s bottom line.

By Anne Orrick, COO, Allegiance Group

As seen in HME News, December 21, 2018