Imagine what an automated, private-pay billing process could do for you. Most billing offices run labor-intensive processes with a low return. Your focus hasn’t changed; it’s always been on patient care. But, with reimbursement cuts and increased patient responsibility, you no longer have the luxury to wait for cash payment. It’s time to get control of your private-pay billing and drive faster returns!


COLLECTPlus™ is the solution. It’s a four-phase, automated, billing and collection system which includes an integrated patient payment portal and call center.


The key is to secure payment information up front, then to engage an accelerated billing and collection process to capture the remaining debt. Features that drive faster recovery and a high rate of return are: automation, clear and concise patient statements, reminder call follow-up, a payment portal for creating recurring payment and auto-pay plans, and reputable first-party and collection agencies. A professional call center is a cost-effective, efficient way to maintain client satisfaction while increasing cash recovery. Our bundled services are transparent and easily tracked through the COLLECTPlus dashboard. And, regular reporting keeps all parties focused on results.


One of our clients said it best:
“The COLLECTPlus program has greatly improved our patient collections processes. We have seen significant improvements in cash collections and the customer experience since implementing the program. The customer service provided by the Allegiance Group has been very responsive to our needs and we consider them a vital part of our billing team.”
Paul – Director of Finance




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