About Us

We see it every day. People who are driven to help change lives. Their tireless dedication inspires us. And reminds us that we have an extraordinary calling to be their catalyst. To help spark their efforts to continue to touch thousands of lives.

We fulfill this calling by devoting ourselves to helping them gain the means to continue their good work. That goes beyond providing exceptional A/R services to delivering a comprehensive, automated, and flexible solution for collecting more private pay revenue. A solution that is synonymous with exceptional service and support. And personified by a fanatical dedication to integrity, honesty and trustworthiness.

We have an incredible opportunity. An opportunity to be the spark that ignites possibilities. Possibilities to create richer lives for our clients, and the lives they touch.

A Little About Us…

Who we serve

Allegiance Group provides turn-key solutions to automate the collection of outstanding balances for healthcare providers and commercial collections including education, government, utilities and financial services.

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Our value proposition

If you are looking for proven results and customizable communication plans, we can help you achieve your A/R collection goals.

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Our management team believes in providing the best collection process and delivering a great user experience to each of our clients.

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Our Story

Originally founded in 1998, Allegiance Group (formerly LCS Financial Services) developed the concept of combining all aspects of the billing and collection world into one unique process for their clients. It is dedicated to the idea that A/R professionals need more than just a collection agency to maximize their recoveries and reimbursement.

The constant advances in technology, changes in compliance requirements and the need for quality reporting and communication make it hard for providers and creditors to maintain a robust solution to get the job done—a solution that was not being offered by billing companies or collection agencies. Allegiance Group provides the necessary processes and tools that will greatly reduce labor costs by automating the entire billing and collection cycle. We differentiate ourselves from competitors by automating a manual process; integrating directly with a client’s patient billing system; utilizing patient-friendly business practices; and coupling technology and collection best practices.

In 2014, Allegiance Group was purchased by Global Growth. Through Global Growth’s ‘buy and hold’ philosophy, we have access to resources to better serve our clients and to synergistically come together with other companies within Global Growth to increase our value.


In 2016, Allegiance Group introduced its new branding and enhanced its signature product, COLLECTPlus. COLLECTPlus, which combines A/R management and technology, continues to fulfill a need by offering clients a better way of doing business--reducing collection costs by using innovative management of the accounts receivable cycle prior to placing an account with a collection agency.

…and a little more.

Our History

Stemming from the desire to help providers collect their balances, Allegiance Group has grown by earning the trust and respect of billing software providers and consultants.

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Looking for a dynamic career in a challenging, fast-paced environment? We’re always looking for career-focused professionals to join our team.

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Allegiance Group is committed to protecting your information as well as your clients’ personal data.

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